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Cabinet of Municipal Assembly President

Djurica Gligorijev, President

Assembly President organizes the Assembly work, convokes and presides at the meetings, cooperates with President of Municipality and Municipal Council, secures that the work is public, signs documents delivered by the Assembly and performs other tasks stipulated by law, Statute, decision and the Rule Book.

Assembly president is elected among the Assembly members, on the proposition of at least one third of all members, with four years mandate, by secret voting, and by majority of members total.

Predrag Belic, Deputy President

Assembly President has the deputy, which can substitute him in the case of absence, inability to perform duty or with the special power of attorney.

The deputy of the President of the Assembly is elected and released in the same way as the President.

Biljana Vragović, Municipal Assembly Secretary

The Municipal assembly has secretary, which monitors the expert tasks in regard to the convoking and holding of the meetings of the Assembly and its working bodies and manages administrative tasks in relation to the work of assembly.

Municipal Assembly Secretary is nominated at the proposition of the president of the Assembly, on four years and can be re-elected.

The Secretary of the assembly can be a person graduated from the Faculty of Law, with professional exam for the work in public institutions and the working experience of at least three years.

Municipal Assembly Secretary is accountable for delivering documents and proceedings in timely manner, when it is asked by competent bodz from Republic, or Autonomous Province, which monitors work and acts of Municipal Assembly.

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