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Local Offices

Local Offices are established on the territory of populated places, as an organizational unit of Municipal Board, for performing assigned and origin tasks from Municipal jurisdiction.

Local Offices are formed for the following populated places: Banatski Karlovac, Vladimirovac, Lokve, Ilandža, Nikolinci, Dobrica, Seleuš, Janošik, Novi Kozjak.

Local offices accomplish the tasks related to:

  • personal civil status (register of births, extracts and certificates, death certificates, list of assets and liabilities, etc.)
  • electoral lists management
  • certification of handwritings, transcriptions and signatures
  • certificates of facts, when this is stipulated by law
  • performing tasks of admission office for Municipal Board
  • administrative-technical and other affairs for assembly of citizens
  • preservation of found staff, until it is handed to supply department or other competent organ
  • register of other evidence when stipulated by law and other documents (children of age ready for school, tributaries of local voluntary tax, etc.)
  • expert support in proceeding of citizens declaration for local voluntary tax, and expert support to Local communities (MZ)

Local Offices can execute other tasks assigned by Municipal Board.

In Local Offices, other tasks can be implemented for other organs, oranizations and institutions, according to contract concluded by Head of the Municipal Board, or person with his authorization, with representatives of organs, organizations and institutions for which they officiate.

Body which has assigned the task to the Local Office, monitors it's performance.

Local Offices belong to Secretariate for General Administration and Property-Legal Affairs.

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