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Municipal Board has the following Secretariates established:
  • Secretariate for finance
  • Secretariate for economy, public services and development
  • Secretariate for urbanism, comunal-housing issues and environment protection
  • Secretariate for general administration and property-legal issues
  • Secretariate for inspection
For secretariates’ work the Secretaries are accountable. Secretaries of Secretariates are allocated by The Head of the Municipal Board.

Secretaries organize and provide legal and efficient work of Secretariate, secure proper arrangement of tasks within inner organizational units, and fulfillment of employees duties.

Secretary of Secretariate is, in his daily performance,  obligated to follow instructions and orders of Head of the Municipal Board.

Secretaries of Secretariates are accountable to the Head of the Municipal Board for their work, and for legal and timely work of their Secretariate.

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