• Baner Optina Alibunar

Touristic Position

Between our country and our neighbour, Romania, good communication is enabled by international road E-94, and the international railroad Belgrade-Alibunar-Vršac-Timisoara. This is a good precondition for domestic and foreign tourists circulation. As part of the international road, Alibunar municipality is connected with Belgrade 56 km, Pančevo 35km, and Vršac 33km. The road is reconstructed in 2007, and is in good condition.

This sort of position and vicinity of cities, provide the possibility for various offer, such as recreational, picnic and wellness tourism on Devojački bunar, as well as hunting and fishery tourism on the whole municipal territory. This kind of offer could provide a possibility of comeback to nature and leasure, away from poluted, noisy city centers.

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