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Hotels, Restaurants, Accomodation

Owing to low economic development of the Municipality, there is very few accomodation possibilities for tourists. Alibunar settlement has only one hotel, while all the other accomodation facilities are on Devojački bunar. There are more catering fecilities, which can meet the tourists’ needs, while rural households do not have a practice of tourist accomodation.

New built hotel „Plava dama in private property, with 4 stars for private accomodation, is the most attractive facility in Alibunar Municipality. Hotel is located on Devojački bunar and has 120 beds available, conference-restaurant capacity with 500 seats and it’s own swimming pool.

Hotel „Zlatni Bor“ is the only city hotel in Alibunar municipality. It is C cathegory hotel, and it’s opened in 2004. in private property. Hotel has new and the old wing, two saloons with 600 seats, 20 rooms and 50 beds. Rooms are double and triple with bathroom. Hotel is all-year-round, and there can be organized gatherings, various celebrations, but it doesnšt have any major tourist significance.

Catering facility „Scout’s lodge“ is one of the oldest facilities in Devojački bunar. It has on disposal 100 restaurant seats, garden and 14 rooms with 36 beds. All rooms are reconsturcted, and now have got bathrooms and hot water. Earlier, this lodge was designed for hunters association, also for sportsmen preparation and tourist accomodation, and today it mainly functions as facility for old persons accomodation. In direct surrounding there is a swimming pool with dimensions 33m x 16,5m x 2,20m which uses warm thermal water and represents one of the main attractions in summer period.

The facility „Painter colony“ belongs to „Utva“ from Pančevo, and it’s used by painters in period of traditional „Deliblato sand painter colony“. The facility is in relatively good condition, and with minor adaptation, is suitable for aditional accomodation.

Auto camp and camping was nerby the „Scout’s lodge“. Nowdays camping is less popular in this region, but there is an initiative for rearranging of auto camp, because it has a substantial value for tourism development.

Weekend houses are very important on the area od Devojački bunar, and are located on private properties. There is approximately 1.200 weekend houses and thez are mostly in function during the weekends, holidays and during the summer period. The owners are inhabitants of Alibunar municipality, Pančevo and Belgrade, and they mainly have high purchasing power.  

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