• Baner Optina Alibunar
South Banat Region is situated in the north eastern Serbia, on the total area of 4.245 km2. It consists of eight Municipalities: Alibunar, Bela Crkva, Vršac, Kovačica, Kovin, Opovo, Pančevo and Plandište. Regional  seat is the town of Pančevo.

Across the Pancevo bridge the road leads from the direction of Belgrade to the region, again across the Danube river from the direction of Smederevo, from neighboring Romania across two border crossings, one is near Vršac and the other one is near Bela Crkva. And from Zrenjanin, one can arrive choosing between one of the three existing directions, one across Opovo, the other one across Sečanj to Dobrica and the third also across Sečanj all the way to Plandište. Total road length in the region is 982km.



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