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V 01. SWOT analysis

  • The highest percentage of citizens of the Romanian youth in Serbia, and traditionally good cooperation with Romania
  • International co-operation relatively well developed (SDC, Norway, Japan, Greece, Italy, UNDP, DFID, Slovakia, Russia)
  • The process of "bottom-up" community development is started through the formation of LAG, LEADER approach
  • The region infrastructure coverage (transport availability, communal, social, educational, IT)
  • Qualified employees of the food profiles (butchers, bakers)
  • Unidentified and non-valorized specific and competitive local products and services

  • The lack of a strong base of SMEs and entrepreneurial spirit related to local products and services
  • The low level of competitiveness of existing rural products and small investments in research and development
  • High unemployment rate, among the highest in Vojvodina
  • The high share of employment in the extensive agriculture, public sector and trade
  • The level of spatial planning does not meet the basic needs of SMEs
  • Lack of incentives for keeping and attracting highly skilled staff
  • Lack of diversified agricultural production (corn, wheat)
  • Natural resources for economic exploitation (renewable energy sources: wind, thermal springs, water and fertile land)
  • Deliblatska pescara (as a resource suitable for economic use) pleasure, recreation and wellness tourism, exploitation of medicinal and aromatic plants, forest fruits
  • Geo-strategic position in relation to Belgrade, Timisoara and the European corridors
  • Increasing market demand in the expansion of products with labels of origin, quality and tradition
  • The global trend of specialization and investment in human resources development and knowledge as key factors for increasing competitiveness
  • The financial investment in environmental protection by donors as a precondition for investment
  • Funds and programs for agricultural diversification and development of rural non-farm economy
  • New marketing channels that derive from the technological change / innovation
  • Rapid changes in consumer demands and consumption fashion
  • The global economic crisis
  • Political instability
  • Liberalisation of market
  • Raising prices of energy and providers certainty
  • Competitiveness of other regions (Vršac, Pancevo, Belgrade and Novi Sad)

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