• Baner Optina Alibunar

Unique Selling Proposition

1.    EU border region

  • Business operating costs lower than in EU and EU candidate counties
  • Quick and easy access to EU market

2.    Logistical hub for international businesses (just-in-time production opportunities)

  • Solid transportation infrastructure allows expedited movement of goods (Corridor X and the Danube river
  • Vicinity to major European cities and distribution centers enabling just-in-time production opportunities for EU based businesses

3.    Well trained and flexible human capital with a high level of proficiency in English  

  • Strong education system (University of Novi Sad) with almost 40,000 students and teaching staff, continually supplying the market with young talent
  • Multilingual education system and a high level of proficiency in English removing language barriers

 4.   Competitive labor costs

Country  Salary tax rate (%)
up to 20
up to 24
up to 45

5.    FTAs with SEE and easy access to Russia

  • Access to markets of the South Eastern Europe, amounting to 60 million consumers
  • Privileged trade regime with Russia, a market of 160 million consumers

6.    Various financial and tax incentives for foreign investors

  • Financial incentives for manufacturing, R&D and services jobs 
  • Numerous tax holidays
  • 10% corporate profit tax – among the lowest in Europe
  • Inward investment co-financing scheme (grant scheme administered and financed by the VIP)

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