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Basic Facts

Vojvodina Basic Facts

Geographic coordinates: Novi Sad (45º19’N - 19º51’E)
Capital: Novi Sad (population of 298,139)
Total area: 21,506 sq km
Climate: continental climate
Terrain: rich fertile plains
Time zone:  GMT + 1h
Climate: Climate in the area of Novi Sad is moderate-continental. The town is located on 70-80 m altitude.
Temperature: The average annual temperature in the town is 10,9 °C. In winter, the average temperature is –1 °C and in July it is 21,6 °C. Temperature extremes range from –30,7 °C (24th January 1963) and +41,5 °C (6th July 1950).
Precipitation: Annual rainfall is 686 mm, and there are 122 rainy days. The lowest watermark in the Danube is 70,83 m and the highest is 79,70 m altitude. The highest marked water level is +778 cm, and the lowest is - 134 cm.

Distances from the major European cities (km - flight hours):


Population: 2,031,992
Life expectancy: total population 72.7 yrs, female 75.4 yrs, male 70 yrs
Ethnic groups: Serbs, Hungarians, Romanians, Slovaks, Croats, Ruthenians, Muslims and others (26 different ethnic groups)
Languages: Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, Ruthenian, Croatian (all official in Vojvodina)
Literacy: total population 97.83%

Natural resources:

Extraordinary plain landscape with a lot of greenery, big rivers (one of the largest in Europe – Danube), canals, lakes, spas, "Fruška Gora" National park and Deliblatska desert (sandy terrain) are only a part of Vojvodina treasure. Besides, Vojvodina is abundant with arable land, oil and natural gas, fishponds, forests, etc.


GDP (2005):  US$ 5.3 billion
Labor force: 937,704
Unemployment rate (2005): 19.9%*
Inflation (2006): 6.6%**
Major sectors: manufacturing, agribusiness, emerging sectors, wholesale and retail trade, construction, energy, transport and communications, textile, electro-mechanical/automotive industry, ICT – hardware & software, shared business services, logistics and export processing zones, tourism, etc.
Money in Serbia: The official currency in Serbia is dinar (RSD).  On March 27th  2007 mddle rate for 1€ = 82.3107 RSD 
Banks, Exchange offices: Money can be exchanged in all the banks and official exchange offices from 8.00 until 19.00 on working days, and from 8.00 until 15.00 on Saturdays. Cash dispensers enable access to money round the clock.
*  Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia
** Source: Ministry of Finance

Holidays: New Year, Orthodox Christmas (January 7.), Constitution Day (February 15.), Orthodox Easter (starting with Good Friday until the second day of Easter; variable date).



Airports: Airport "Nikola Tesla" Belgrade (87 km from Novi Sad)

E 75 - (countries: Greece – Macedonia – Serbia – Hungary – Slovakia – Czech Republic – Poland – Finland – Norway)
E70 - (countries: Spain – France – Italy – Slovenia – Croatia – Serbia – Romania – Bulgaria – Turkey – Georgia)

Novi Sad – Budapest;
Novi Sad – Zagreb;
Novi Sad – Thessalonica;
Novi Sad – Sofia;
Novi Sad – Timisoara; 

Danube, Sava, Tisa, Danube–Tisa–Danube canal.

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