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Tourism Perspectives

Tourism doesn’t have a long tradition in Alibunar, but lately this is becoming much more of an interest of local self-government. Improving tourism and touristic offer have more attention in last several years. Considering available resources, natural and social potential of the Municipality are underutilised. The natural conditions predefined by geografical factors are crucial for development of specific tourism categories (picnic, sport-recreational, health-rehabilitative, hunting, school-educational, rural, etc.). This development, as well as concomitant activites from terciary sector (trade, catering and other industry), would enable economic, and touristic renaissance of Alibunar.

The foundation of Alibunar tourism potentials is Deliblatska peščara, which represents extraordinary reservate, but underutilised potential for further touristic development in Municipality.

It is necessary to review water potential of Deliblatska peščara (springs of drinking water, termal springs), so that one can get a picture in realization possibilitites for specific touristic contents Thermal springs could be a foundation for health-recreational tourism.
By introducing the flora and fauna of Deliblatska peščara, one can get an insight in hunting tourism potentials, and concomitant activities, for instance healthy food production, comercialization of aromatic and medicinal plants and fruits.

If we review surrounding settlements and population structure, we can get a picture of rural tourism potentials. Based on this information, it can be created informative and marketing touristic material, for further development of touristic programme.

Within regional spatial plan of Deliblatska peščara, on the “Devojački bunar”, it is given the possibility for establishing a stable for the horseback riding sport.

The second touristic potential of Alibunar munucipality is water channel D-T-D nearby Janošik. According to Urbanistic plan, on the complex of 38 ha, it should be arranged the ground for spa and wellness. This spa would have, beside the objects for treatments and medical cure, objects for sport and recreation. First of all, it is necessary to re-analyse the existing water, and refresh the activities on center constructuion, which would be used for health and sport-recreational purposes. Spa locality along D-T-D would have a major value, because in that case the touristic offer could be enriched by nautic and fishery tourism.

Tourism development in Alibunar municipality will be harmonized with development of South Banat touristic region.As secundary touristic category, there will be developed picnic-recreational and cultural-manifestation tourism.

In the following period, very dinamic development of “Devojački bunar” locality is expected, especcially as picnic and frequent punct. The vicinity of Belgrade, Pančevo, Vršac, Zrenjanin, Kovin and Bela Crkva, as sources of huge number of potential beneficiaries, are especially important for comprehensive and dinamic development of our touristic localities.

Touristic development mostly depends on material basis, so financing represents an obstacle in realization of declared goals. This can be resolved by national subventions and efficient attraction of domestic and foreign investments.

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