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Geomorphological Tourism Values

Deliblatska peščara outspreads in the very south of the Municipality. As a whole, it comprises the territory between Deliblato, Dubovac, Alibunar, Banatski Karlovac, Mramorak and Vladimirovac. Deliblatska peščara represents the unique geomorphological complex, and takes up the terrain of 340km2. It is outspreading from NW to SE, with 40km lenght and 17 km width, and 134-192m of altitude.

There are various opinions on the morphogenesis of the Banatska peščara aeolian relief. One is for sure, the main morphological agenses were Carpati rivers, which gave certain amount of sendy material, and also Danube and košava wind, the dominant wind from SE-NW direction, which blown off the sendy riverbanks all the way up to the first obstacle- on the terrain of Banatska peščara where it’s accumulation took place. As an argument for this theoreme, there are send dunes positioned transversely to the direction of košava wind blow. Send accumulation took place during the period of early glaciation, after vanishing of the lakes.

Until hundred years ago, one could see here significant shapes of eol relief. In past century man had the crucial role for the future of Deliblatska peščara. Afforestation and cultivation of bare land gave the possibility for the send to stabilize and Peščara got the new apearance. On the territory of Alibunar municipality, there are present  quartal aeolian and river creations, because the other geomorphological agenses didn’t took part in creating this part of Banat.

Deliblatska peščara is wavy, covered with numerous fossil dunes between which are interdunes depressions. Banatska peščara is classified on low and high. Dunes have cone, triangle shape and transversal direction, which makes the Peščara very interesting and relief comlexity.  On some spots, between the top and the bottom of dune, there are gaps up to 40m. 

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