• Baner Optina Alibunar

Geographic Position

Municipality of Alibunar is situated in south-east part of Vojvodina, and in south and south-east part of Banat. Geographic position is determined by following coordinates:
•    20º45´-21º10´ east longitude,
•    39º50´- 40º15´ north latitude.

The basic characteristic is it’s periferal position compared to Voivodina territory.  The territory is composed of significant natural elements, such as Alibunar-Vršac plain, Ilandža swamp, SRN Deliblatska peščara and the part of water channel D-T-D.

The territory of Alibunar municipality comprises the surface of 601 км². It’s shape is irregular and peaked from NE to SE. The longer axis is of 30 km length, and the shorter on 20km. The highest spot is on 168m of altitude. This represents the so-called Upper terrain, with emphasized configuration with wavy shapes, depressions, along the N-S direction. The lowest point is on 76m of altitude, on Lower terrain, which used to represent the big water surface, and today is terrain rich with flora and fauna.

On the Alibunar territory there are ten settlements formed, out of which the Alibunar is the center of Municipality. The geographic position dictated establishment of settlements, which differ, from that reason, from classical Panonian type. These settlements are populated with heterogenous ethnical groups.

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