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Touristic Manifestations

„The 1st May early rising“ is traditional manifestation which takes place on each 1st of May on picnic site Devojački bunar, during one day. This touristic manifestation is held under the auspices of Tourism Organization of Alibunar. Visitors are mainly from Alibunar, but they also come from neighbourin cities, Vršac, Pančevo and from Belgrade.

„Beekeepers’ Fair“ is touristic two-days manifestation held during the last weekend of June, on Devojački bunar. During acacia blossom, here is huge beekeepers gathering, from all parts of Serbia. Beekeepers exchange their experiences, show their honey and honey based products.

Touristic manifestation „Golden Fishhook“ is sports fisherman competition. It is held during the last weekend of September, n the coast of channel D-T-D nearby Janošik. It has competition character and lasts for two days. The first day competition is local, and the second day it has a republic character. This manifestation conducts under the auspices of Tourism Organization of Alibunar and Plandište, and fishermen from Alibunar municipality.

„Horse marathon of endurance„ is touristic manifestation which is conducted on first weekend of September on Devojački bunar, and it is a one day manifestation.

„Banat Fox Chase“ is relatively new manifestation. It’s held on the second half of January, with the tendency to become traditional. Chase members are from all over the country.

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