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RIDP1By this project, the municipality of Alibunar wants to connect two major problems: the care of elderly population and unemployment. Taking into account these problems, this project represents a joint action of Alibunar Municipality and the European Union towards sustainable development of society and creation of a community in which all citizens problems are being respected and appreciated.

In today's world of electronic technology, the only thing that has not lost its importance is a sense of comfort and security in the own home. According to a survey conducted in March and April of 2011 in Alibunar municipality, there are 1009 elderly persons in need of home care services, i.e. 1009 people want to regain a sense of comfort in their homes. The problem is that help of family members and relatives is not sufficient, so performance of everyday activities in the home is very difficult for them.

Therefore, municipality of Alibunar joined forces with 26 assistants to provide home care service in order to bring a smile on the faces of the oldest and the most vulnerable citizens, and on the other hand to increase the employment of citizens of all ages. Assistants are already trained and ready to make life of oldest Alibunar citizens better and easier by their humanitarian work.

Project funded by the European Union within the Program: Supporting access to rights, employment and livelihood enhancement of refugees and IDPs in Serbia

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